Nick Ferrari's fiery row with caller who doesn't think schools should be opening

1 June 2020, 10:51

Nick Ferrari accused a caller of ignoring the education of a generation by saying school children should not return.

Schools are re-opening in England today, while children are also returning across much of the UK as the coronavirus lockdown measures are eased.

But Dave called in to Nick's show, insisting he would refuse to send his children back to school at this time.

Dave said: "The government says one thing and the scientists say another. We believe the scientists are right.

"You can't have four-, five- and six-year-olds in a controlled environment and telling them to stay still."

Nick Ferrari had a fiery row with this caller over schools
Nick Ferrari had a fiery row with this caller over schools. Picture: LBC

Nick asked him: "Why do you think they've gone back across most of western Europe then?

"You're clearly of the school-of-thought that we just write off this school year. The untold damage you will do to the two million vulnerable children for whom school is a place of refuge, not just a place of learning, doesn't seem to register.

"And also, for whatever reason, you can't look 22 miles sound of Kent and see that schools are open in France, and then Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and on and on.

"Have it your way and destroy the educational chances for this group of children.

"You will breed generations of educationally disadvantaged children and people like you just don't get it."

But Dave insisted: "The Tories don't care about the hellhole of a life that school children have at home. You don't care."

It got pretty heated - watch it at the top of the page.