Even Former Lib Dem Advisor Tells LBC That Jo Swinson's Election Offer Is "A Stunt"

28 October 2019, 07:42

MPs have lined up to say that Jo Swinson's offer of a General Election is just a stunt - and now even a former Liberal Democrat advisor has admitted it.

MPs will vote on Boris Johnson's demand for a general election on the 12th of December, but the Government isn't expected to receive the two-thirds Commons majority it needs though.

Lib Dem leader Ms Swinson has offered to table a motion for an election on 9th December if a no-deal Brexit is taken off the table.

Both Conservatives and Labour dismissed the move as cynical - and now even a former Lib Dem advisor agrees with them.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Sean Kemp said: "It's a little bit of a stunt. It is politics after all and politics can be a cynical business.

"It's a way for the Lib Dems and SNP to get themselves back into the centre of the debate around Brexit.

Nick Ferrari heard from a former Lib Dem advisor about Jo Swinson's offer
Nick Ferrari heard from a former Lib Dem advisor about Jo Swinson's offer. Picture: PA / LBC

"I think it's got a chance of getting through. If, as we assume, the vote for an election today doesn't get through, I think Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are so desperate to have an election and know that Labour are so desperate not to have an election, they might just latch on to this.

"It might be the way to actually have a General Election on this issue."

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