Former Ofsted chair: Gavin Williamson needs to go for A-level "fiasco"

27 August 2020, 07:48

By Adrian Sherling

The former chair of Ofsted has told LBC that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson must take all the blame for the A-levels "fiasco" and should be sacked.

In a speech to school pupils yesterday, Boris Johnson said that A-level and GCSE results were nearly derailed by "a mutant algorithm".

But Dr Zenna Hopson told Nick Ferrari that the Education Secretary must take full responsibility.

She said: "This fiasco rests at Gavin Williamson's door.

"Anybody who knew anything about education understood that this was going to be a very difficult year for results and would have done more to assure themselves that there wouldn't be in a U-turn position.

"But he stuck resolutely to 'I don't want grade inflation'. That was his message and his driver and therefore he owns ultimate responsibility for this.

"I do not believe that a top civil servant did not point out the risks of this. The media were pointing out the risks. A week earlier, Scotland pointed out the risks. He knew the risks and he kept with his political direction as incompetence."

Nick Ferrari heard from the former chair of Ofsted about Gavin Williamson
Nick Ferrari heard from the former chair of Ofsted about Gavin Williamson. Picture: LBC / PA

When Nick asked her if Mr Williamson was fit for purpose, her response was crystal clear: "Absolutely not, the man needs to go."

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