French Fisherman Concedes There Could Be More Violence If Scallop War Continues

30 August 2018, 08:21 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 08:24

The head of a French fishing organisation told Nick Ferrari he expects more violent clashes with British counterparts if the row over scallops continues.

Recently, footage from the English Channel emerged showing British and French vessels colliding with each other and objects being thrown.

It is alleged French fisherman threw smoke bombs, rocks and other projectiles at English and Scottish boats in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with holes reported to have been left in some vessels.

Around 40 French boats are claimed to have confronted around a dozen British vessels in the scallop-rich waters of Baie de Seine, off the Normandy coast.

UK fishermen are calling for the Royal Navy's protection amid fears their lives are being put at risk.

And Manuel Evrard, the Director of the Organisation of Normandie Fishermen based in France, said he doesn't want a repeat of the scenes from earlier in the week but told Nick there could be further clashes.

He told LBC: "We tried to go to our government but it hasn't worked so far. What we saw two days ago, is fisherman that are fed up. We would like to see things move forward.

"We must find an agreement. Hopefully [there won't be more violence...] It may happen again yes."