Furious Brexit Party candidate: Farage has dropped us like a stone

12 November 2019, 08:07

A Brexit Party candidate has criticised Nigel Farage for "dropping them like a stone" after deciding not to stand any candidates in Conservative constituencies.

Mr Farage made the U-turn yesterday, saying they would withdraw 317 candidates and focus on winning in Labour-held constituencies instead.

That has left some candidates furious and Robert Wheal, who was due to stand in Arundel, told Nick Ferrari he feels let down.

He said: "It was made very clear to us all at the first Brexit Party rally that we will put country before party and that if Farage managed to do a deal with Boris Johnson that he would agree to drop his rotten WA Agreement and take on a no-deal that we would all stand down and support him.

"But what we have here is absolute codswallop.

"Farage hasn't even got a deal. This was a golden opportunity to get Brexit. The Tories aren't offering Brexit. They're offering BRINO - Brexit in name-only.

Nick Ferrari heard from a candidate dropped by Nigel Farage's Brexit Party
Nick Ferrari heard from a candidate dropped by Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. Picture: PA / LBC

"It's a classic Brussels trap. Get us in the implementation period and the only way we can get out of that is with a free trade agreement. We're paying them a billion pounds per month."

Labelling the prospect of a second referendum as just more Project Fear, he added: "Half the Brexit Party supporters have worked their socks off for that party and he's dropped them like a stone at 12 o'clock yesterday."