Furious Nick Ferrari tells parent 'kids have to go back'

1 September 2020, 11:43 | Updated: 1 September 2020, 17:24

By Fiona Jones

As schools in England and Wales reopen to pupils after five months Nick Ferrari takes on this caller who doesn't want to send children back.

Schools in England and Wales have finally welcomed pupils back into the classroom as the government launches its return to the workplace campaign.

However caller Chris's daughter is a teacher and he does not want her or his grandchildren in school for fear they will fall ill with coronavirus.

"They can't go back when there's thirty in a class, Nick," Chris said.

Nick responded: "Well they've got to...they've been on beaches and they've been in parties and they've been in stores, just get them back to school.

"I've had enough now."

Nick observed that one million children were tested when they went back in June and it was found one in 23,000 had Covid and they all got better: "What more stats do you want?"

"Tragically more children will get killed or seriously injured getting on the bus or cycling to school than Covid, just get a grip all you parents."