Furious Ryanair Pilot Calls LBC To Reveal All About Working Conditions

22 September 2017, 08:19 | Updated: 18 December 2017, 13:19

This Ryanair pilot was so angered by boss Michael O'Leary's comments about his employees that he called LBC to reveal all about the company's working practices.

After having to cancel numerous flights due to a lack of pilots, Mr O'Leary said: "I would challenge any pilot to explain how this is a difficult job or how it is they are overworked, or how anybody who by law can’t fly more than 18 hours a week could possibly be suffering from fatigue.”

John in Stansted was livid at that remark and called Nick Ferrari to set the record straight.

He revealed that pilots have to pay just for an interview with Ryanair and then have to pay £26,000 for training, during which they don't receive a penny from the airline for the six month period.

He even stated that pilots have to take their own water on flights as they are not even given a staff discount.

His call was a fascinating insight into the way that the company works - and why they are struggling with the number of pilots.

Watch his call in full above.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: “These claims are entirely untrue and there is no evidence that this anonymous caller is a Ryanair pilot.

"There is no charge for interviews and Ryanair does not charge for training. Ryanair does not have any ‘zero hour contracts’ and no pilots are flying for “€20 an hour” and free filtered water is available to all crew.”