Gang Member Reveals Stabbing Victims Are Going To The Vets To Avoid Police

21 May 2018, 08:23

This former gang member told LBC that he used to visit the vet rather than a hospital when he was stabbed.

Nick Ferrari was talking about knife crime, after yet another man was stabbed to death in London, this time in Mitcham.

Simon called to reveal he has been stabbed seven times - and four of those times, he was treated by a vet instead of a doctor.

He said that victims are avoiding hospitals, as doctors are obliged to contact police over knife or gun crime incidents.

Nick Ferrari was shocked by what he heard from his caller
Nick Ferrari was shocked by what he heard from his caller. Picture: LBC / PA

He told LBC: "I've been stabbed seven times, on seven separate occasions.

"I was in a gang. I'm not now, I've been a good boy for the last ten years.

"I haven't been to a hospital, I've gone to people who have a medical background, like a vet.

"As soon as you go to the hospital, the police get involved. You don't want to be on the police's radar. If people find out the police are involved, there would obviously be repercussions."

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