Gang Member's Horrifying Story Of The Moment He Was Attacked By A Rival Gang

8 May 2018, 09:33

A former gang member has told of the moment a rival gang almost cut his hand off as a feud got out of hand.

Police are investigating four shootings, three stabbings and a suspected acid attack in London following a weekend of violence. Outside London, a man was shot dead on Merseyside and two men were stabbed to death in Luton and Liverpool.

Maana Idriss is a former gang member and he told Nick there's no easy way to tackle the current problems.

He said: "I actually don't think there is a solution. Everyone talks about educating the next generation.

"Yes, you can do that, but if there's loopholes in the system and people are not getting the right things they should be getting, the problem will go around in circles."

Maana Idriss, a former gang member
Maana Idriss, a former gang member. Picture: LBC

Maana revealed he has been stabbed 23 times and has also stabbed other people.

He moved away from gang life, following a shocking attack outside a KFC restaurant, in which he was set upon by three men from a rival gang, carrying a gun, a samurai sword and a butcher's knife.

That left him with his hand hanging on by just the skin.

And seeing his Mum crying over it was enough to make him turn his life around and get a job in security.

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