Nick Ferrari asks Gavin Williamson four times if has confidence in the Ofqual boss

18 August 2020, 09:53

Nick Ferrari asked the Education Secretary four times if he still had confidence in the boss of Ofqual after the U-turn on A-levels.

Gavin Williamson told LBC the exams regulator Ofqual "didn't deliver" on the promised system for calculating A-Level and GCSE results.

He apologised to young people affected by the downgrading of results, which can now be based on teacher predictions rather than the controversial algorithm.

When asked by Nick if the Government had failed the Minister said exam regulator Ofqual "didn't deliver the system they we had been reassured and believed would be in place."

Nick asked if he had faith in Sally Collier, the boss who earns around £200,000 per year.

Mr Williamson responded: "It is quite clear that there have been some real challenges."

Nick Ferrari asked Gavin Williamson if he had any confidence in Qfqual
Nick Ferrari asked Gavin Williamson if he had any confidence in Qfqual. Picture: LBC

So Nick said: "I'll take that as a no. Do you have confidence in Sally Collier?"

Mr Williamson insisted: "Our focus, and what I expect from Ofqual, is to ensure that they deliver the grades that youngsters need over this week and the next few weeks and ensure that the appeals process is fully managed and people get the grades that they worked towards that they deserve."

Nick tried one more time: "If you have confidence in Sally Collier, please speak now."

A long pause followed.

Then: "Erm... I've worked with everyone in Ofqual and Ofqual are going to do everything that they can.

"I'm working with the team to make sure we can deliver that."