'If a GCSE grade 7 is an A, what the hell is a 10?' Nick Ferrari rails at new exam scores

12 August 2021, 07:21

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

After wishing GCSE pupils waiting for exam results good luck, LBC's Nick Ferrari hit out at the new system of GCSE marks.

"It's is believed at least 29% of entrants will get a 7 which is an equivalent to the old A."

But, this riled Nick, "hang on, if a 7 is an A what the hell is an 8 and a 9?"

"Why did they ever do this? Is it any surprise the Education department is run by a former fireplace salesman and an accountant!"

"Neither of whom have spent a day actually teaching kids, one of whom can't remember what he got for his own A-Levels!"

"So if you get a 7, an 8, or a 9 they're all As, so what the hell is a 10? You're brighter than the professor?"

"Confused? You probably should be!"

The rant comes after traditional A*-G grades were scrapped and replaced with a 9-1 system amid reforms, with 9 the highest result. A 4 is broadly equivalent to a C grade, and a 7 is broadly equivalent to an A.

Students receiving GCSE results in England will get numerical grades for all their subjects as all courses have moved over to the grading system.

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are receiving grades to help them progress to sixth form, college or training.

But a possible surge in top grades - which were submitted by teachers after exams were cancelled for a second year - could make the job of admissions teams at colleges and sixth forms more difficult, it has been suggested.