Nick Ferrari Gets Riled Up Over Council "Fat Cat" Salaries

9 April 2019, 12:08 | Updated: 9 April 2019, 14:12

Nick Ferrari was dumbfounded by a report which revealed that 608 council employees earned packages exceeding the Prime Minister's £150,000 salary, and he's listed off the top "fat cats" one by one.

Nearly 2,500 council employees received pay packages worth more than £100,000 last year, a report claims.

Pressure group the Taxpayers' Alliance (TPA)'s Town Hall Rich List ranked the top 20 council executives with the biggest pay packages in 2017-18 and listed the top three as employed by Slough, Wirral and Birmingham councils.

Slough Borough Council topped the list of "highest remunerated" bosses, with interim chief executive Robert Parkin receiving a payment of £595,077 before leaving the position in December 2017.

Individual cases were confidential, a Slough Borough Council spokeswoman said, but stressed that the figures were being "presented completely out of context".

Nick Ferrari was totally outraged by the size of the pay packages however, and he compared them to Theresa May's comparably meager £150,400 salary.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Nick listed off "fat cats" one by one from the report, and expressed his total shock over their salaries.

"He may as well play Premier Football this bloke!", he says about Slough's interim chief executive.

Watch Nick's hilarious rant in full above...