Nick Ferrari Grills Extinction Rebellion Protester While She's Chained To A Lorry

16 April 2019, 08:42 | Updated: 16 April 2019, 19:35

A climate change protester was given a Nick Ferrari grilling while locked to the underside of a lorry on Waterloo Bridge.

More than 200 people have been arrested as thousands of Extinction Rebellion protesters once again took to London's streets to join climate change protests.

Climate change protesters have occupied Waterloo bridge overnight, while other areas of London remain shut down. Parliament Square, Marble Arch and Oxford Circus are all blocked.

Protester Blythe said she was protesting in order "to get the message out that there is a crisis in this country" and claimed that she was "horrified that [she has] to be doing this".

Blythe said: "We understand that the disruption is horrible for the people of London but...we have to create this disruption in order to get the point across".

Nick Ferrari Extinction Rebellion protester
Picture: LBC

Nick questioned Blythe on how long she intended to stay under the lorry given that it could take "years for Parliament to move and governments around the world".

Blythe confirmed that others would be able to "swap in" under the lorry, at which point she may be arrested.

Nick went on to ask Blythe about people trying to get to hospital appointments across the bridge, but the protester claimed they had taken "great pains" to help re-direct emergency services.