Guest Tells Nick Ferrari He Should Stand More... So Nick Does Interview Standing Up

28 January 2019, 09:02

Nick Ferrari was forced to do an interview standing up when the fitness guest told him people spend too much time sitting down.

Nick was discussing the story in The Times which said that people fretting about the data from their Fitbit could overwhelm GPs.

He spoke to Public Health England advisor Professor Sir Muir Gray, who told him that a far bigger concern to the NHS is inactivity and that people need to stand up a bit more.

And to make sure Nick did so, he told him to conduct the interview standing up!

He told Nick: "The Health Service is facing a huge increase in need because the environment in which we live is one in which inactivity is the norm. It's the car, it's the computer, it's the desk job.

"People sit on their commute. They sit at their computer screen. You're probably sitting at the moment."

When Nick confirmed it, Sir Muir told him: "Maybe just stand up for the moment."

Nick Ferrari being forced to stand up to do an interview on inactivity
Nick Ferrari being forced to stand up to do an interview on inactivity. Picture: LBC

So shouting into the microphone from high above, Nick boomed: "CAN THE NHS COPE, PROFESSOR?"

Sir Muir said: "Yes it can, it has to cope because that's the way the world is moving."

Watch the hilarious moment at the top of the page.