This Gun Cop Explained Why Arming Teachers Will NOT Work

22 February 2018, 10:33

This firearms officer gave Nick Ferrari a perfect explanation of why Donald Trump's plan to arm teachers wouldn't work.

The President suggested that he believes the best way to keep children safe at school is to ensure that teachers have weapons to fight back against shooters.

Peter was an armed officer in the police and told Nick of one issue they came up against when trying to arm officers.

Nick Ferrari heard why arming teachers won't work
Nick Ferrari heard why arming teachers won't work. Picture: LBC / PA

Peter said: "We had this issue here when we armed the police fully. If you arm a teacher, what happens when that teacher comes up against somebody, a pupil, who is bigger than them, stronger than them, maybe schizophrenic, maybe having a funny turn, I don't know, who then attacks that teacher physically.

"The pupil's not armed now, but he can now access that teacher's weapon.

"Does the teacher then shoot the pupil or do they also have to carry non-lethal weapons like tasers to use in case the pupil is about to overpower them and take their gun?

"It does not work. You don't solve the gun problem in schools by introducing more guns into schools."

Nick was in full agreement, stating: "And a stab vest. We better put them in one of those just in case."