Hammond's Budget Blunder Raised "Piddling Amount Of Money": Pierce

10 March 2017, 08:30

Andrew Pierce delivered a withering verdict on Philip Hammond's budget blunder - all for a "piddling amount of money".

The LBC presenter was staggered that the Chancellor targeted hard-working self-employed people, all to raise a tiny amount of money.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "It's a huge blunder and it's a real wake up call to Theresa May's government, because I don't know how on earth it got through all the checks it should go through. But it did.

"It was raising such a piddling amount on money, about £140million a year, which is peanuts, it's absolutely peanuts.

"The last government wasted about £12billion pounds on an IT system that didn't work, They're spending about £56billion on that stupid HS2 rail scheme that nobody really wants. So £140million- all that grief for that?

"And it was aimed at people that we call white van man- plumbers, carpenters, good honest people who run businesses were going to be criminalsed and that's just not what Tories should be doing."