"He's Obsessed With Getting On The Telly" Sadiq Khan Blasted By MP James Cleverly

6 April 2018, 09:14 | Updated: 6 April 2018, 11:50

MP James Cleverly criticises London Mayor Sadiq Khan's approach to fighting crime, arguing the mayor does not take enough responsibility for his actions during a call to Nick Ferrari.

James Cleverly, Conservative MP for Braintree and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, spoke of his former role as youth ambassador for former London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

He discussed the "Time for action" campaign started in 2008 under Boris, which focussed on the long term "drivers" of youth crime itself, such as running youth groups and keeping young people in education.

James hoped the mayor would adopt similar methods to tackling crime in London today.

"It really saddens me that it seems the mayor has abandoned that sort of strategic thinking."

James Cleverly on Sadiq Khan
Picture: LBC

James criticised the mayor's priorities while in office, stating he is:

"Obsessed with getting on the telly, obsessed with getting photographed, obsessed with social media."

Nick brought up the ongoing criticism of police numbers, arguing that under a Conservative government, austerity measures have resulted in less police and is said to be a contributing factor.

James argued that the current police numbers are not much different from previous numbers in 2013, and crime was much less, even against the pressure of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games.

"We see Sadiq Khan's very traditional habit of blaming everybody else when things get difficult, but never taking responsibility for his own actions."