Nick Ferrari's Hilarious Call With Listener Vehemently Against Plastic

30 April 2019, 10:03 | Updated: 30 April 2019, 10:09

Nick Ferrari hits back at a caller who accused him of throwing plastic into the sea during a funny row about plastic shopping bags.

Nick Ferrari was scolded by Carole for liking plastic but as he explained why, his caller became increasingly infuriated.

"When I go to the supermarket, if someone's been sneezing over the fruit isle it doesn't get on my plums or strawberries," Nick said.

"I like the fact that when I need water I can go into a shop and get a plastic bottle of water.

"I like plastic, it works!"

Carole said: "You know what I do when I go a supermarket and I buy bananas?"

Nick replied: "Don't tell me you take it out of the wrapping? You're not one of these dreary people who take all the - oh my god. What do you do that for?"

Nick Ferrari told his caller "I like plastic" as she told him off
Nick Ferrari told his caller "I like plastic" as she told him off. Picture: LBC

As Carole began to scold Nick for not taking the argument seriously, he said: "I'm being serious, I like plastic!"

But when she told him off for 'throwing plastic into the ocean', he asked: "Why have you made the quantum leap that because I've used a plastic bag I've thrown it it in the ocean.

He said: "How dare you, I'm very careful with litter madam!

"I don't put plastic in the rivers!"

Watch the funny exchange in the video above.