Home Secretary Priti Patel live on LBC - Watch in full

19 May 2020, 21:23 | Updated: 20 May 2020, 10:19

Home Secretary Priti Patel is exclusively live on LBC on Wednesday morning speaking to Nick Ferrari.

Ms Patel will be on LBC on Wednesday at 9am to discuss her Immigration Bill and the new terror laws.

She spoke about the new terror laws, the Immigration Bill, schools returning, the government's coronavirus response and much more.

Watch the interview in full at the top of the page.

The Home Secretary is speaking exclusively to Nick Ferrari
The Home Secretary is speaking exclusively to Nick Ferrari. Picture: LBC / PA

Last time she spoke to LBC, she revealed why she was bringing new terror laws through parliament following the London Bridge terror attack.

The Home Secretary told Ben Kentish: "As we saw in December last year, and just two weekends ago in Streatham, where we have had individuals that have been convicted for terrorist offences, they were released from prison early under the automatic early release scheme where they had no contact with a parole board, so no engagement whatsoever and they were then released from prison.

"That is what we want to stop. We want to stop terrorist offenders from leaving prison early and also from leaving prison without any engagement with a parole officer.

"So this legislation will change that stop the automatic early release of these offenders, these terrorist offenders, people that have committed very serious and significant crimes."