How is hacking someone with a machete not attempted murder, asks Nick Ferrari?

24 January 2020, 08:07 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 08:09

Nick Ferrari was left angry that a man who attacked a police officer with a two-foot machete was cleared of attempted murder.

Muhammad Radwan was found not guilty of attempted murder, but convicted of wounding with intent after he hacked six times at PC Stuart Outten with the blade.

PC Outten was labelled Britain's bravest police officer after he managed to halt the attack by firing his Taser. That moment was captured in remarkable footage from his bodycam.

It was an incident that showed exactly why Nick Ferrari launched his Time For Tasers campaign, which succeeded in getting £10million ring-fenced funding to provide more officers with the devices.

He pointed out that the Taser clearly saved PC Outten's live - "without it, he would be dead".

But he was baffled by how the jury cleared Radwan of attempted murder, saying: "Am I the only person who finds it quite extraordinary that that is not attempted murder?

"You hack away at someone with a two-foot long machete and that's not attempted murder?

Nick Ferrari couldn't believe this wasn't attempted murder
Nick Ferrari couldn't believe this wasn't attempted murder. Picture: Met Police / LBC

"It's not murder. He didn't set out that afternoon thinking he wanted to kill a police officer. It was circumstantial.

"But if you bash someone around his head - and the poor man not only bled profusely, but suffered a cracked skull - that's attempted murder, isn't it?"

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