IDS Dismisses 'Soft Brexit' As Worst Of All Worlds

3 October 2016, 08:19 | Updated: 3 October 2016, 11:00

Iain Duncan Smith told LBC that 'Hard Brexit' is the only option for Britain to leave the European Union.

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Yesterday, Theresa May announced she would invoke Article 50 by the end of March, kick-starting the process of leaving the EU.

That has introduced the phrases 'Hard Brexit', meaning a full break, and 'Soft Brexit', meaning we remain in the single market.

But speaking to Nick Ferrari, Mr Duncan Smith said there is only one choice. He said: "Hard and soft Brexit are meaningless terms. There is only leaving.

"That is what the British people voted for, control of our borders and control of our laws. Those two things, actually, are critical.

"What she [Theresa May] is saying today is that's what she believes they voted for.

"What she is saying uncategorically is that we're not going to remain under the purview of European laws. So our laws in the UK will be set by an elected government and will be adjudicated by a British court. They will not now be going over to the court in the European Union.

"That's a critical moment, because it means we do make the decisions ourselves. That's being termed as 'Hard Brexit'. But the truth is... that's just Brexit.

"The idea when people talk about 'Soft Brexit' is a term to disguise the fact that what they mean is no departure at all: 'Can't we stay in the European Union with a little bit of leave?'

"That would be the worst of all worlds. In the European Single Market, under European law, but not therefore absolutely setting those rules ourselves. And worse, not being able to make trade agreements.

"Making trade agreements is the golden apple that falls into our lap if we actually leave the European Union legal sysem and customs union."