If PM Seeks 12 Month Delay, She'll Be Gone By Friday: Tory MP Henry Smith

10 April 2019, 07:49 | Updated: 10 April 2019, 11:25

The Eurosceptic and Conservative MP for Crawley told Nick Ferrari that a 12 month delay to Brexit would see the democratic choice of the people being disrespected, and that Theresa May is to blame for the current situation.

Theresa May is facing the prospect of being offered a Brexit delay of up to a year at an emergency EU summit in Brussels.

The prime minister has been pushing for a delay to the end of June, with the possibility of Britain leaving at an earlier date if her Brexit deal is approved.

But her hopes look set to be dashed, having already been granted one short extension to the process.

In a letter to the remaining 27 EU member states, European Council President Donald Tusk said that the European Council should discuss a longer extension, such as a "flexible extension" lasting "as long as necessary and no longer than one year".

Henry Smith, Conservative MP for Crawley, told Nick Ferrari: "this will go down extremely badly, if the Prime Minister is serious about seeking a 12 month delay".

"We've already had almost three years since the people of Britain decided, with clear information and decisively, that they wanted to leave the European Union", he said.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Henry Smith said that if the politicians in Westminster frustrated that "clear will" of the people, it would go down badly in the Conservative party and amongst the electorate as a whole, as they would see "their democratic choice being removed and disrespected".

When asked by Nick if the Prime Minister would be "toast" by Friday morning if she agreed to the extended delay, Henry Smith simply responded: "yes".

"I think all credibility will have gone from Theresa May if she accepts a 12 month delay", he added.

The MP also said that a 'no deal' was not the ideal situation but was better than a bad deal, and would at least deliver Brexit for the British people.

Asked what he blamed the current situation upon Smith said: "Theresa May, as simple as that", claiming that she had always seen it as a problem to mitigate rather than an opportunity.

The MP also said that it was time for a new leader, stating that Theresa May "has very humiliatingly been going to Europe, begging - as the German media have been putting it - for a deal, for an extension...I wish that other colleagues had decided [in the Vote of No Confidence in December] that it was time for a new leader".

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