Nick Ferrari Incensed By Extinction Rebellion Protesters Shutting Down London

16 April 2019, 07:54 | Updated: 16 April 2019, 08:00

Nick Ferrari fumed over the climate change protesters shutting down multiple areas of London, pointing out that it was going to cost the city millions of pounds.

Police say 113 people have been arrested as thousands of Extinction Rebellion protesters took to London's streets to join climate change protests.

Climate change protesters have occupied Waterloo bridge overnight, while other areas of London remain shut down. Parliament Square, Marble Arch and Oxford Circus are all blocked.

Scotland Yard say that 113 people have been arrested including three men and two women who were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage at Shell's HQ.

Nick Ferrari expressed his "absolute shock and horror" at the travel bulletin.

"What for the love of all that's holy are the police doing by not having re-opened Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus, where I understand there is a pink yacht", Nick says.

"Have I woken up in some strange dimension here, where protesters and law-breakers are allowed to carry on with police just watching on the side?"

Nick Ferrari Extinction Rebellion
Picture: LBC & PA

Nick continues: "This is going to cost this city millions of pounds.

"I'm all for peaceful protest but what right do these people have to close Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus, Parliament Square and Marble Arch and Parliament Square?" he fumes.