Jamaica 50: Nick Ferrari rows with campaigner over deportation flight

11 February 2020, 08:46

A human rights campaigner told Nick Ferrari that one man being deported to Jamaica is the primary carer of his six children. Nick Ferrari told her he shouldn't have committed a crime then.

The Home Office has gone ahead with a planned deportation flight to Jamaica.

However, some of the detainees who were due on the flight didn't leave after a Court of Appeal judge intervened over concerns about a lack of access to legal advice.

Nick spoke to Bella Sankey, who is representing a number of the people being deported for charity Detention Action.

She told Nick: "These are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of the Windrush generation."

But Nick insisted: "They've broken the law.

"Is it not a grotesque disservice to the thousands of descendants of the Windrush generation who have lived peaceful, law-abiding lives and they are lumped in with these people?

"These are law breakers. And the others adhere to the law. It doesn't give them a get out of jail card because they are related to the Windrush generation."

Nick Ferrari spoke to a campaigner over the Jamaica 50
Nick Ferrari spoke to a campaigner over the Jamaica 50. Picture: PA / LBC

Ms Sankey responded: "The Windrush generation want the law changed, because these are their relatives. They believe in rehabilitation and second chances, things we are supposed to believe in.

"I've got clients who are victims of crime. They were victims of sexual abuse and who have been groomed into County Lines operations. And so yes, they have committed an offence, but they were under duress and they were being influenced.

"I've got a client with six children all under 10 and he's the primary care giver."

But Nick told her: "Perhaps he shouldn't have become a criminal then."

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