LBC Caller Absolutely Furious After Hearing Jeremy Kyle Has Been Axed

15 May 2019, 13:16 | Updated: 15 May 2019, 18:16

One caller was so annoyed that Jeremy Kyle was pulled from TV schedules he had to call in to tell Nick Ferarri just how good the show was.

Following the death of a contestant who took part in the show TV bosses announced they were suspending production of popular daytime show Jeremy Kyle

ITV said: "Given the gravity of recent events we have decided to end production of The Jeremy Kyle Show."

Nick Ferarri took listeners calls on the subject.

"I'm so angry," Ricky told LBC. He watches the show every morning and he thinks there should be "more people like Jeremy Kyle."

Ricky wanted to know why people weren't talking about the positive outcomes of the show.

"They took away one program that I absolutely love," the caller said.

When Nick pushed him on what it was he loved about it the caller says he liked the way Kyle sorted out people who were "lying and cheating."

"We all know the lie detector's not a million percent," the caller admitted referring to the machine used on the show to dramatically reveal if a guest was lying.

"He says it how it is," Ricky said.

One caller was so annoyed about the reality TV show being cancelled.
One caller was so annoyed about the reality TV show being cancelled. Picture: LBC

But Sam was not keen on Kyle, when he was asked what his views were  he said: "If ITV want to give money to charity and be nice to people they can do it without doing this."

Sam said that vulnerable people were targeted by the show, and once they were on stage they were attacked.

The caller didn't think the other people on the show were the only problem, but that the host attacked people too.  

Sam went on to say that Kyle "joined in the kicking."