Jewish News Editor "Insulted" By Jeremy Corbyn's "Zionist" Comments

29 August 2018, 09:31

Richard Ferrer, the Editor of Jewish News, told Nick Ferrari the Labour leader's comments on British Zionists were "profoundly insulting."

Mr Ferrer said: "It takes a lot for me to be flabbergasted by a situation... My jaw dropped to the the floor. Things are going from bad to worse to despair. Where does it go from here?"

The UK's former chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, called Jeremy Corbyn an "anti-semite" after footage emerged of Mr Corbyn attacking British Zionists who had criticised the Palestinian ambassador, Manuel Hassassian.

He also said that Mr Corbyn's comments on British Zionists were the most offensive made by a senior UK politician since Enoch Powell's rivers of blood speech in 1968.

Richard Ferrer Felt "Profoundly Insulted" By Jeremy Corbyn's Comments
Richard Ferrer Felt "Profoundly Insulted" By Jeremy Corbyn's Comments. Picture: LBC

Richard continued: "Enoch Powell's words are chilling but the big difference is that he was a senior figure in the Tory government, and not somebody that could potentially be the next leader of the country. I think the words weren't as serious but who they've come from gives us more cause for despair.

"Jeremy Corbyn should have not said what he said. I was profoundly, profoundly insulted - I need a lesson in English irony? It made my blood boil and it made me put my head in my hands. And as the editor of a Jewish newspaper, I can tell you 95 per cent of my readers felt exactly the same way."