Ken Clarke's Very Dismissive Response To Idea Of A No Deal Brexit

19 October 2017, 10:42 | Updated: 19 October 2017, 10:57

Ken Clarke dismissed the idea of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal as "absolutely daft".

The famously pro-Europe MP was typically derisory when discussing his Conservative colleagues' calls for the Prime Minister to walk out of talks with the EU negotiators.

When Nick Ferrari asked if it was a good idea, the former Chancellor responded: "Absolutely daft.

Ken Clarke was very dismissing about a No Deal Brexit
Ken Clarke was very dismissing about a No Deal Brexit. Picture: PA / LBC

"There are a small number of MPs who seem to have persuaded themselves that the best arrangement for Britain would be to have absolutely no deal with the European Union at all.

"Apparently there's a golden future for us with people throwing open their doors to our trade around the world.

"But we want to put large tariff and customs and regulatory barriers between ourselves and our biggest market, the biggest free trade area in the world, Europe. It's complete nonsense."

Mr Clarke insisted that threatening to walk out wouldn't work because "it's a completely incredible threat".

He added: "Everybody with the slightest common sense on either side of the channel knows that that would be a disaster for the British."