Labour's Deputy Leader On Jeremy Corbyn's "Stupid Woman" Comment

20 December 2018, 09:05

Referring to the inaudible comment made by Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister's Questions, Tom Watson expressed: "He said that he didn't say it, and that's good enough for me".

A clip of Jeremy Corbyn making the comment is being shared widely on social media and appears to show Jeremy Corbyn mouthing the words “stupid woman” at Theresa May.

The alleged remarks came after the Prime Minister said the Labour Party “aren’t impressed” with their leader’s stance on Brexit.

As MPs jeered, the Labour leader appeared to mouth the words "stupid woman", although he has since claimed that he said "stupid people".

When further pressed by Nick Ferrari on the matter, Tom Watson confirmed his position on the matter, indicating that he supports Jeremy Corbyn.

Nick Ferrari Jeremy Corbyn
Picture: LBC & PA

Nick Ferrari asked the Deputy Labour leader how we should view politicians at such a time when there are huge issues to be discussed and politicians are getting "caught up" over whether a single politician had said a certain word.

Tom Watson responded: "It's very sad, and I feel like I'm caught up in one big gang-fight between every lip-reader in the country right now, but he said he didn't say it, and politicians should talk to more weighty and serious matters".