"In Labour, You Can Say Anything About Jews And Get Away With It"

5 April 2017, 07:37

Ferrari Livingstone

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle tore into the Labour Party for failing to expel Ken Livingstone over his comments about Hitler.

Stephen Pollard said the party's decision shows that members can say anything they want about Jewish people and get away with it.

Mr Livingstone received a one-year suspension from standing for office, but was allowed to remain in the party.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "Labour seems to have an amazing capacity at the moment to make things even worse for itself. Look, it's up to like the Labour Party who it allows to be its own members. It's really it's own business.

"But it's up to the rest of us to draw our own conclusions from that and I'm afraid that the conclusion that you cannot avoid coming to is that it's possible really under Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party to say almost anything about Jews and get away with it.

"I find it deeply depressing.

"And already from last night and this morning, I've been texted and tweeted by Jewish Labour Party members, some of them relatively long-standing and prominent, who've torn up their membership cards.

"I could be angry, but actually I'm much more sad than I am anything else that a wonderful party that I myself was a member of many years feels that it can behave this way."