Labour whistleblower reveals "terrifying number" of anti-Semitism complaints

23 July 2020, 07:49 | Updated: 23 July 2020, 08:23

By Adrian Sherling

Labour whistleblower Ben Westerman told LBC that he discovered a "terrifying number of complaints on anti-Semitism" and "a denial from the leadership that there was a problem" when he started working there.

The Labour Party has agreed to pay "substantial damages" to seven anti-Semitism whistleblowers after accepting statements made about the individuals were "defamatory and false."

The former employees sued Labour after it issued a press release describing them as having "personal and political axes to grind".

Ben Westerman was one of the seven whistleblowers, having been a member of the Labour Party's disputes resolution team in 2016.

He told LBC that his decision to reveal all in a documentary was a moral one, not a political one.

Nick Ferrari spoke to one of the seven Labour whistleblowers
Nick Ferrari spoke to one of the seven Labour whistleblowers. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking about what he found when he started working for the party, he said: "I discovered a really terrifying amount of complaints of anti-Semitism from members of the party. I really do mean scarily-high numbers of complaints.

"But what struck me more was a denialism from the leadership that there was a problem.

"And then what was documented in the documentary last year, an interference in those complaints for what I can only assume was political reasons and a refusal to deal with them."

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