Liam Fox: We're Telling The EU "We're Ready To Leave"

17 July 2018, 08:16

The Secretary for International Trade says that Commons votes on key Brexit legislation sends a message to the European Union that "we're ready to leave".

Theresa May narrowly avoided defeat in the House of Commons on key Brexit legislation, as a backlash of pro-EU Tories who claim she "caved in" to the party's Brexiteers.

The Prime Minister managed to pass amendments to the Customs Bill by just three votes - meaning the UK would leave the EU's VAT regime.

Dr Liam Fox told Nick Ferrari that "this is not an academic exercise being carried out by MPs.

"We knew it was going to take time."

Nick quipped: "If this was a baby, it'd be toddling around now. This hardly on its feet, is it?"

Dr Fox said: "One of the reasons why the legislation is so important, is that it "sends a clear message" to the European Union that "we're taking the powers that we need to be a sovereign country again".