Lib Dem MP's Very Awkward Interview With Nick Ferrari Over New Cross-Party Group

24 April 2019, 08:40

Nick Ferrari accused the new cross-party group of being just another party for Remainers in a tense interview with Jo Swinson.

Around 50 MPs have formed the More United MP network to tackle issues "ignored" because of Brexit, including former Conservative cabinet minister Nicky Morgan and Labour's David Lammy.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson is also a founder and told that the MPs would be working together to lobby the government to make changes on key issues.

However, Nick Ferrari pointed out one problem with the group.

Nick Ferrari had some difficult questions for Jo Swinson
Nick Ferrari had some difficult questions for Jo Swinson. Picture: LBC / PA

He asked: "One of the great divides in this country is Brexit. Do you have Leavers and Remainers among your ranks?"

Ms Swinson responded: "Given the set of values, if you apply those..."

Nick interrupted: "I sense you don't have any Leavers. That's another way of answering that, Jo.

"This is effectively just another Remain or Change UK Party, isn't it?

"Tell me one Leaver among your ranks."

The Lib Dem MP claimed: "I haven't done the analysis. I haven't sat down with a pen and gone through every name on the list because this is not about Brexit."

Nick then said: "Why can't you just admit there aren't any? So what does that say about your group?

"It's rather striking, isn't it, that of your 54 members, you are all Remainers."

The interview got very awkward by the end. Watch it at the top of the page.