Lord Digby Jones: Europe Are DESPERATE For A Deal With Us

13 March 2017, 08:09 | Updated: 13 March 2017, 12:15

Lord Digby Jones has an important message for our Brexit negotiators: "Europe are desperate for a deal with us too."

Theresa May could trigger the formal process to leave the European Union as early as tomorrow when she triggers Article 50.

The House of Lords voted in favour of an amendment demanding a meaningful vote by MPs on the deal that the Prime Minister gets on Brexit.

But former Trade Minister Lord Jones told people not to worry - Europe are desperate for a deal with Britain.

He said: "Just remember that this will be bad for Europe too.

"There are business men and women in Germany, in Italy, in France and they're all thinking how on earth are we going to keep people employed, how are we going to generate profit to pay tax in our country if our biggest trading partner Britain goes out without a deal."