Lord Sugar says public must put on a suit, put on a dress and get back to work

11 September 2020, 09:24

By Fiona Jones

Lord Alan Sugar urged the public to "put on a suit, put on a dress and get back to work."

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari, he compared the pandemic to a natural disaster that completely demolish places, saying, "People are resilient, they come back. They get back, they recover, they get over it."

Lord Sugar said that while we cannot of course influence natural disasters, we can monitor our behaviour and follow the Government restrictions in order to get a handle on coronavirus.

"If you do the right things which is what my wife, my children, my families and employees have done, thankfully we're insulated from it," he said.

"We need to get back to work, we need to go and put a suit on, put a dress on, put your makeup on, do your hair and get back into work because you feel better.

"You don't realise how many questions and answers that you actually answer during the course of the day when you're in the office."

Lord Sugar continued that young people who are learning their trade "have got to be there to learn from the elders."

He told Nick that his grandchildren back to school and back to work and are not "sitting at home."