Caller challenges Matt Hancock over 'unclear' advice on care homes

7 September 2020, 11:50 | Updated: 7 September 2020, 15:27

By Seán Hickey

This caller confronted the Health Secretary over unclear advice on the visiting of care homes - while advice on going to pubs and restaurants has been plentiful.

In LBC's first Call The Cabinet, Health Secretary Matt Hancock took calls from you on topics ranging from Brexit to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Joan from Ruislip confronted Mr Hancock on the government's record on care homes so far, telling him that her mother has been "locked up" in a nursing home for 6 months.

"Her crime was being old and sick," Joan said.

"How do you think it's fair this has carried on when you've opened pubs, you've opened many other things but there's no mention of people in care and nursing homes?" she quizzed the Health Secretary.

He responded that his department has now "given that decision-making to the local area and to the homes themselves."

The Health Secretary was taking calls from listeners on LBC's first Call The Cabinet
The Health Secretary was taking calls from listeners on LBC's first Call The Cabinet. Picture: LBC

"Before that we had put in place restrictions on visitors, which I was reluctant to do but unfortunately, it was necessary."

Nick took up Joan's case and prodded the Health Secretary further on the topic.

"There was government advice with regards to going to the pub or going to a restaurant or whatever it might be, shouldn't there be the same advice for care homes?"

Mr Hancock reiterated that "care homes need to make the decision for themselves" after he gave them the authority to shape their own policy on visiting.

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