"Meghan Markle exploited damaged and vulnerable Harry", says royal author

9 January 2020, 13:42 | Updated: 9 January 2020, 13:43

This royal author is brutal about Meghan Markle in response to the announcement that her and Harry are stepping back as "senior" royals.

Royal author Tom Bower said Meghan's behaviour was "disgraceful" and "she's constantly playing the victim card."

"I think she's exploited Harry who is damaged and psychologically vulnerable. But worst of all I think she's been unbelievably abusive towards the Queen," Mr Bower said, "the Queen who is blameless and tried very hard to include her."

To not even inform the family in advance of this decision "just shows what a selfish woman Meghan is," Tom Bower said, "she has singularly pursued her own interests to try and promote her own career, promote her own views, and after all she's just a third-rate actress.

"She's a nobody who's been elevated into global stardom by marrying Harry and in return for the welcome which she received in this country, especially by the royal family, she's pursued her selfish interests to promote herself."

Nick countered that if Harry is experiencing emotional turmoil due to the media, surely it is responsible to step away.

Mr Bower said the pair brought it on themselves; Harry was the second favourite royal in the country and loved by most people and he is "blameless" but has "allowed Meghan to turn his frustrations of happiness in to a campaign against the media and against his own family."

"Until Meghan came along, Harry and William were very very close."