Met Commissioner: Damian Green Leak Detectives Could Be Prosecuted

4 December 2017, 09:02

A retired detective could face prosecution, after revealing information about an inquiry into cabinet minister Damian Green, the head of Scotland Yard has told LBC.

The Met Police Commissioner has told LBC retired detectives could face prosecution, for revealing information about an inquiry into cabinet minister Damian Green.

A former officer claims "thousands" of pornographic images were found on a computer used by the MP following a raid in 2008.

Cressida Dick said it's wrong that the duty of confidentiality appears to have been broken.

She said: "Police officers have a duty of confidentiality, we come into contact with personal information very regularly, sometimes extremely sensitive. This is a daily occurrence for any officer.

"We all know that we have a duty to protect that information and keep it confidential.

"In my view that duty endures, it endures after you leave the service. I believe that with this officer, and other retired officer, appears to have done is wrong and my professional standards department will be reviewing what has happened.

"In relation to how information has been handled and if any offences are disclosed we will investigate them."

Nick asked if that included up to a possible prosecution, the Met Commissioner replied "Undoubtedly."

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