Michael Gove calls for action over "shameful" treatment of Lord Bramall

13 November 2019, 08:58

Michael Gove has called for action to be taken over the "shameful" treatment of Lord Bramall in the final years of his life.

The former head of the Armed Forces and a D-Day veteran, died yesterday at the age of 95, after the later years of his life were dominated by false allegations he was involved in a VIP paedophile ring.

No detectives involved in hounding Lord Bramall have been punished and Mr Gove insisted action needed to be taken.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "Lord Bramall is a distinguished hero who served this country at the highest level in the Armed Forces.

"It was shameful how he was treated in his last years.

"Action does need to be taken in order to ensure that those who were responsible for putting him and his family though misery face the consequences."

Michael Gove said the treatment of Lord Bramall was shameful
Michael Gove said the treatment of Lord Bramall was shameful. Picture: PA

Nick asked if it was equally shameful that no disciplinary action had been taken and Mr Gove responded: "I would not want to second guess some of the processes that I know are now going on.

"But it is absolutely vital that Lord Bramall's family see that justice is done."