Michael Gove Refuses To Say If He Would Have Hired Toby Young

11 January 2018, 08:39

Michael Gove refused to answer whether he would have hired Toby Young when he was the Education Secretary.

The journalist was forced to resign from the board of the government's University Regulator after a series of offensive and misogynistic tweets came to light.

Nick Ferrari asked the Justice Secretary whether he would have given him a job and failed to get an answer.

But Mr Gove did admit it's a shame Mr Young was unable to take up his role.

Michael Gove failed to answer Nick Ferrari's question on Toby Young
Michael Gove failed to answer Nick Ferrari's question on Toby Young. Picture: LBC / PA

Answering Nick's question, he said: "Well Toby's resigned now."

But Nick responded: "No my question is, would you have hired him?"

Mr Gove tried again: "I know! I have enormous respect for Toby and in fact I worked with him when he helped set up free schools.

"It seems to me to be a great shame that someone who over the course of the last seven or eight years who has completely dedicated himself to improving education for disadvantaged young people should have had over the course of the last couple of weeks thing he'd said - unacceptable and stupid things he'd said - before then overshadowing his achievements.

"In judging Toby, I'm inclined to look at the good that he's done rather than the stupid things he's said."