"I've never seen Michel Barnier as angry as he was after last week's Brexit talks"

18 May 2020, 09:44

A political reporter told LBC Michel Barnier looked angrier than he's ever seen him after last week's disappointing Brexit talks.

The UK released a statement on Friday saying that there had been little progress in the trade negotiations, blaming the EU for trying to keep the UK tied into European Union laws and regulations.

James Crisp, the Brussels Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, told LBC that the talks had left the EU's chief negotiator angrier than he'd ever seen him.

He said: "You've got two big beasts facing each other here - the UK and the EU. Both sides and in their trenches and both sides are saying to the other 'you've got to move'. That's been the story of Brexit in a way.

"Last week, trade negotiations continued in Brussels and went very badly. On Friday, I don't think I've seen Michel Barnier look so angry.

"It was very unusual for him. He's a very unflappable, distinguished gentleman. It was strange to see him so visibly exasperated.

Nick Ferrari heard how Michel Barnier was angry after the Brexit talks
Nick Ferrari heard how Michel Barnier was angry after the Brexit talks. Picture: LBC / PA

"It was the accusation that the EU was being unreasonable, that the EU is being inflexible and unyielding.

"As far as they're concerned, nothing in the negotiations should come as a surprise. Boris Johnson agreed a political declaration, a non-binding document setting out the aspirational terms of the trade deal.

"Everything, more or less, that Mr Barnier is asking for could be seen as being in that document.

"It's a case of interpretation and both fans interpret it very differently."

Nick Ferrari found his account fascinating - watch it at the top of the page.