Nick Ferrari quizzes Minister about confusion over government's rules on facemasks

23 July 2020, 09:02

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari asks Brandon Lewis about the logic of having to wear a facemask if you buy a takeaway coffee, but not if you sit down in the coffee shop.

From tomorrow, people in England will have to wear facemasks when they go into a shop.

But Nick identified a real anomaly. If you get a takeaway coffee, you have to wear a face covering, but if you sit in the coffee shop, you don't have to.

Speaking to the Northern Ireland Minister, Nick said: "I appreciate that if you want to drink your coffee that you can't have your mask on.

"But it does seem a mixed message, doesn't it Mr Lewis? If you stand static you don't need your mask, but if you're on the go, you do?

"You're still going to project Covid aren't you?"

Nick Ferrari spoke to Brandon Lewis about the new facemask rule
Nick Ferrari spoke to Brandon Lewis about the new facemask rule. Picture: LBC

Mr Lewis said: "What it's about is we're recognising the practicalities of having to live our lives.

"I also appreciate as we're easing out of lockdown, these variations and differences mean that things seem complicated.

"But I think people will understand that if you're in a retail setting and buying a sandwich and leaving, you should treat it like retail and wear a mask.

"But if you're in hospitality and eating in, then it's not practical and we recognise that."