Minister James Cleverly condemns Sturgeon for flying EU flag

19 February 2021, 10:10 | Updated: 19 February 2021, 10:11

By Fiona Jones

Minister James Cleverly criticised First Minister's move in the light of Brexit, saying she needs to stop seeing the world "that she wishes it was."

Nicola Sturgeon has received backlash after she ordered for the EU flag to be flown from Scottish government buildings every day, despite Britain no longer being a member of the bloc.

"It strikes me she's really not good at listening to people when they make their voices known at referenda," Mr Cleverly said.

"In 2014 the people of Scotland by a majority said they wanted to remain part of the UK and the people of the UK by a majority said they wanted to leave the EU. Scotland is part of the UK, we are no longer part of the EU, that is the way the world actually is."

He said that politicians need to see the world as it actually is, not the world "that they wish it was."

Opponents of First Minister say her demand showed her "obsession" with constitutional issues and "makes no sense" considering the UK has left the EU.

Scottish Tory Dean Lockhart said: "The UK has left the EU, so Nicola Sturgeon's personal decision to order the flying of the EU flag on Scottish government buildings makes no sense.

"It reconfirms the SNP's refusal to accept referendum results and their ongoing focus on constitutional issues at the expense of more important priorities.“But we should not be surprised. Like all nationalists, Sturgeon is obsessed with flags."