Mr Loophole Says Prince Philip Should NOT Apologise After Crash

21 January 2019, 14:36

Prince Philip should avoid making any contact with the other driver involved in last week’s Sandringham crash, celebrity lawyer Mr Loophole has said.

Nick Freeman told LBC the Duke of Edinburgh shouldn’t do anything that “might impact the investigation”.

Emma Fairweather, 46, broke her wrist when she was struck by the 97-year-old during Thursday’s crash.

She has since claimed she received “no support or assurance” from the royals and said the Duke was advised not to ask if she was ok after the incident.

"Mr Loophole" says Prince Philip shouldn&squot;t apologise
"Mr Loophole" says Prince Philip shouldn't apologise. Picture: PA/LBC

“I don’t think asking if you’re okay is accepting liability,” the mother of two told ITV’s This Morning on Monday.

Mr Freeman, however, said such behaviour was not unusual.

“Any culpability or liability hasn’t yet been established, either from a criminal or civil perspective,” he told Nick Ferrari.

“Anything the Duke of Edinburgh might say may impact against him in terms of that investigation.”

He continued: “From what we know about the incident, we know there was sun involved, we know it’s a very difficult junction, we know there’s a faulty speed limit so there are other independent factors.

“We don’t want to do anything, [he] would be advised not to do anything to his own detriment.”