Lisa Nandy: Labour 'want the government to succeed' in fighting Covid-19

22 September 2020, 11:17 | Updated: 22 September 2020, 12:02

By Seán Hickey

The Shadow Foreign Secretary told LBC that Labour have supported the government's pandemic response because they 'want the country to succeed.'

Nick Ferrari was speaking to Lisa Nandy on the morning of Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer's address at the party conference. He asked about Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green's comments that the pandemic is a 'good crisis.'

Ms Nandy regretted the comments of Ms Green, noting that what the Shadow Education Secretary meant was that Labour "want to see this as a moment where things start to change."

"One of the reasons we've supported the measures the government has taken," she explained, "is because we want the government to succeed, we want the country to succeed."

On Mr Starmer's address, the Shadow Foreign Secretary told Nick that "the key message is that this party has changed."

"We are ambitious for this country, we love this country."

The Shadow Foreign Secretary outlined how Labour aim to win back voters
The Shadow Foreign Secretary outlined how Labour aim to win back voters. Picture: LBC

Nick prodded Ms Nandy, asking "why did your party faithful desert you" in the last election.

"People's incomes have been cut, they feel very worried for the future for their children and their grandchildren, and that's why Keir will be talking very much about Labour putting security right back at the front and centre of what Labour does," she explained.

"We've had a health crisis in this country and we're still in the midst of that, we've got an economic crisis but we've also got a family crisis."

"We've got to start taking that far more seriously for the outcomes for families in this country, that is going to be the mission of the next Labour government."

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