New Shadow Chancellor promises to work with government to fight coronavirus

6 April 2020, 11:59 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 13:35

By Seán Hickey

The newly posted Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds told Nick Ferrari her intention to work with Rishi Sunak to support the public during the Covid-19 crisis.

In her first day in her new job, Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds joined Nick Ferrari to share the road forward for the Labour party under the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer.

Nick firstly wanted to know Ms. Dodds' opinions of the legislation put forward by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to support workers during coronavirus.

The Shadow Chancellor insisted that it is vital to provide support for workers during this crisis, making the point that government has a duty to support workers and businesses during this time "so we don't see long-term unemployment" after the virus passes.

Nick wanted to know the views of the Shadow Chancellor on Mr. Sunak's schemes for workers.

Ms. Dodds ensured that she was in complete agreement with most of the schemes introduced by the Chancellor, pointing out a need to ensure the use of the government schemes by businesses to prevent unemployment.

"We need to make sure wherever possible the schemes are being used" she said.

Ms. Dodds promised to roll up her sleeves and put party politics aside during this time. "I need to be working with government to make sure schemes are in place where possible" she insisted. Nick was given the impression that the Shadow Chancellor needed to stress that the Labour Party is devoted to putting the country back on its feet rather than criticising how the government is dealing with the crisis.

Anneliese Dodds was made Shadow Chancellor by new Labour leader Keir Starmer
Anneliese Dodds was made Shadow Chancellor by new Labour leader Keir Starmer. Picture: PA

Nick wanted to know Ms. Dodd's view of how long it may take the country to lift out of a downturn.

The Shadow Chancellor insisted that there is a need to keep people engaged in the economy during this time to ensure spending when the virus lockdown passes.

Nick wanted to know how the Labour Party will now address the problem of anti-semitism within the Labour Party. Ms Dodds told him straight off that the party have to "deal with it resolutely".

She ensured a no-nonsense approach to the issue in Labour going forward, telling Nick that "there is no home for people with anti-semitic views in the Labour Party."