Nick Takes On Caller Who Wants To Lock Up Innocent Muslims

18 August 2017, 11:50

As emotions run high after the terror attack in Barcelona, Nick Ferrari argued against one caller's radical proposal.

Paul in Watford called into the breakfast show with his plan to combat the threat of Islamist terrorism.

“The Wahhabi Imams, the Wahhabi mosques, we shut them down.”

After making reference to the wahhabism form of Islam, which has been blamed for spreading radical ideology, he then said all Muslims were responsible.

“You might say ‘it’s not all [Muslims]’, but I’m fed up of people saying ‘it’s not all’.”

Nick could not let him say this without being challenged.

“Well I’m deliberately going to say ‘it’s not all’.

“You can’t write off an entire faith based on the actions of a few deluded and psychopathic individuals.”

Paul conceded maybe it wasn’t all, but he said it was a lot, and his plan to combat radicalised Muslims shocked Nick.

“The people they [security services] do know, they need to start rounding them up. I don’t care if they haven’t done anything yet. They need to start rounding them up.”

Paul’s proposal reminded Nick of a sinister incident in the past where similar action was taken against a group of people with a shared belief.

“We start rounding up innocent Muslims, do we? And we don’t care if they’ve done anything wrong?

“Gosh, where did that happen in Europe once before? Why don’t we make them wear a special badge on their clothes.”