Nick Clegg admits Instagram must clamp down on self-harm content to protect children

17 June 2020, 13:27

By Seán Hickey

The former Deputy Prime Minister told Nick Ferrari that the platform is working hard to ensure the safety of its users.

Sir Nick Clegg is now the Head of Global Affairs & Communications at Facebook, which has social media giants Instagram and Whatsapp under its umbrella.

Nick Ferrari spoke to the ex-Lib Dem leader about Instagram's work in monitoring content glorifying self harm, and used the case of 14 year old Molly Russell, who took her own life and her father accused the social media platform for being part responsible for her death. "If we have the vigilance in Facebook why can't we have the same vigilance on Instagram" Nick wondered

Mr Clegg confirmed that he thinks "there does need to be more vigilance and there is more work" being done to improve the safety of vulnerable users.

"Mental health of course is very complex and we work with organisations such as Samaritans in the UK.

Sir Nick Clegg admitted that Instagram must be more vigilant of glorifying self harm on the platform
Sir Nick Clegg admitted that Instagram must be more vigilant of glorifying self harm on the platform. Picture: PA

"I think one of the issues that Instagram has been grappling with is that we need to make sure people cannot share any content that encourages or promotes self harm or suicide" the Facebook communications head added.

He went on to tell Nick that it is important for users to "express themselves, express any anxieties they've got, issues if you like - pleas for help."

Mr Clegg ended by telling Nick that this isn't just a responsibility for Instagram to work on, and suggested that there families should come together to address the problem too.

"Of course everyone needs to work together no one can do this on their own, to make sure people are safe when using communication platforms like Instagram."