Nick Ferrari challenges Andrea Leadsom over lockdown easing

24 June 2020, 13:13

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari called the former Business Secretary to answer why the government has chosen to open pubs but not schools and gyms.

The Prime Minister confirmed yesterday lockdown restrictions will be eased in England on 4 July, including the reopening of pubs, restaurants and hairdressers.

Former Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom rebutted Nick Ferrari's question that the government are giving mixed messages by opening eateries and bars but not gyms and schools for all students.

Ms Leadsom commended the British peoples' commitment to lockdown which has enabled some businesses to reopen, but "not all businesses", confirming the government is putting together a "task force" to determine how all businesses can open.

"There is also a lot of work under way to get children back to school," she said.

Nick remarked it seems strange that in an obesity crisis the public cannot return to the gym but can go to the pub.

"The gym presents particular problems...and risks associated with them," she said, such as perspiration.

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