Nick Ferrari challenges business minister Nadhim Zahawi over rule of six

11 September 2020, 10:23

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari challenged business minister Nazhim Zahawi over the Government's coronavirus regulation 'rule of six' which will come into effect from Monday.

The new Government rule will mean that the number of people meeting indoors and outdoors will be reduced from 30 to six, with exemptions including weddings, funerals, work and schools.

The regulation will be enshrined in law with police officers able to hand out hefty fines to those who disobey.

Nick challenged Mr Zahawi, "You can have 30 people at a wedding, 30 people at a funeral, you can have a football match, but seven people in my back garden and the bug is going to strike. Explain how that works."

The business minister responded that coronavirus is "most active when we socialise", to which Nick pointed out this is what people do at a wedding.

"The most important thing is to look at the evidence. The scientists quite rightly say the virus enjoys human social interaction in the home and outdoors in large numbers, so the restriction to six is to effectively close the door on the virus."

Nick countered, "Covid doesn't like weddings and obviously it's desperately upset at funerals, I just don't get it, minister."

"With weddings and funerals and the workplace there are provisions in there to make them safe," Mr Zahawi replied, "with social interactions it is very different and people relax, people are at home, they let their guard down."

The business minister reminded LBC's listeners to wash their hands, cover their faces in enclosed spaces and leave significant space between themselves and others.