Nick Ferrari confronts Jenrick on PM's 'lie' about Christmas being 'as normal as possible'

27 November 2020, 08:51 | Updated: 27 November 2020, 08:53

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari confronts Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick over Boris Johnson's "lie" about Christmas in England, after pledging less than four weeks ago that it would be as normal as possible.

Speaking from No10 on 5 November, the Prime Minister said: "Four weeks is enough to make a real impact so these rules will expire, and on 2 December we plan to move back to a tiered approach.

"If we follow this package of rules in the way that we can...I have no doubt people will be able to have as normal a Christmas as possible, and we'll be able to get things open before Christmas as well."

However, the new Covid Tier system which was announced on Thursday will mean 55 million people face tougher restrictions after lockdown.

Nick questioned the Housing Secretary on the PM's Christmas pledge: "It was a lie then, it's a lie now, why should we believe a word he says?"

Mr Jenrick responded: "The Tier Two that you're referring to is actually a greater easing of restrictions than in the national lockdown. You're now able to go to non-essential retail for example, communal worship in churches is reopening, certain business events, theatres and sporting events may take place subject to restrictions.

"We have tried to ease up the tiers as much as possible, but they've got to be strong enough to have the desired effect."

Nick quoted the Daily Telegraph's front page headline that professes '34 million people are worse off than before lockdown'.

"Boris Johnson said less than a month ago that things can only get better, he was clearly misled and he's misleading us again, why should we believe a word he says?" Nick asked.

The Housing Secretary conceded the new Tiers "are slightly tougher" than before but he attributed this to being the result of scientific advice.

There is "help on the way", he continued, urging the public to "make the tiers work" until the vaccines are rolled out and there can be an easing of restrictions.

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